11BIOMICS works with farmers and growers to develop completely natural, plant-derived, tailored strategies for the prevention and remediation of plant disease.

We offer an alternative to pesticides.


The Problem

Example: Cannabis and hemp

Cannabis is a unique example of a plant which has been expansively bred for a very long time – with no record or reliable method to track breeding methodologies. Growers have gone from around 60 naturally evolved strains to, today, somewhere in the region of 6000 highly manipulated genotypes: most of them demonstrating inconsistent phenotypes and chemovars.

In combination with contemporary and developing grow practices, hybridization of the gene pool has led to increased proliferation of cannabis disease as well as the development of many resistant and hard to treat pests.


The Solution

11 isolates beneficial microbes from cannabis biomes, and returns them to the plants at therapeutic levels. This means that our therapies are highly targeted to specific plant species, using microbes that have evolved naturally with the plant biome. We add nothing – we only enhance the natural capacity of plants to protect themselves.