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11BIOMICS provides effective and environmentally responsible strategies for natural IPM to cannabis and hemp farmers. 

Like any other living thing, in the wild, plants are susceptible to pathogens which negatively affect their growth and productivity. Ecologically and evolutionarily speaking, these interactions play a valuable role in the environment as they can promote the dominance of plants that resist pathogens – thereby contributing to biodiversity.

But in domesticated agricultural monocultures, the effect of microbial (bacterial, fungal, viral) and insect pests can be devastating. Commercially grown cannabis and hemp farms often bear the hallmark of these problems. Poorly managed high density grows and overbreeding are some of the factors currently exacerbating problems that, ultimately, affect all growers. Most seriously, one of the most problematic issues facing effective pest management today is the prevalence of resistant pests – those that can no longer be eradicated by commonly used pesticidal products. Globally, this problem threatens food security and increasingly, leads public health concerns.

We assess growers and farmers’ soils/growth substrate for modes of microbial disease suppression, and use that information to design programs of integrated pest management that supplement plant immunity to microbial and insect pests. Our methods are tailored to specific biomes and are highly effective, while removing the potential for the development of resistant pests. Learn more.

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