1. I hear a lot about powdery mildew cures. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    We totally get it. So, allow us to show you what we do, at no charge, as part of a free trial. Please contact us.

  2. Can you also help me with botrytis and other kinds of mold?


  3. How many kinds of fungi and powdery mildew are there?

    Lots. Powdery mildews infect a huge array of crops - cannabis is just one of them. Some powdery mildews have a broader spectrum and can infect different types of plants. Some are highly specific to certain species of plants. Our prior research has shown that powdery mildew is a natural part of the plant biome: it’s always there, and sometimes an environmental trigger allows it to go bonkers in your grow. We have found that, in areas where high-density cannabis has been grown for a long time (e.g. California) there a fewer different strains of powdery mildew, however, they are highly resistant and tough to treat, compared to New Mexico, where powdery mildew is a little easier to deal with but there are many more diverse players in the game. This also applies to other types of moldy disease, such as botrytis.

  4. Why is this better than all the other products available to treat powdery mildew?

    First, we’re not a ‘product’, per se. You can’t find us on the shelf. We work with you, your grow team and the soil in your grow to find the microbes your plants could use more of. You get a strategy that is completely tailored to your surroundings and your plants: if you were to go ahead and apply it to grapes or strawberries, or even another grow, it wouldn’t work as well. This means it is very effective when compared to generic, off-the-shelf products. We do not work with any additive chemicals whatsoever - we simply work with the contents of the soil. So, no plant damage, no affect on terpenes, flavonoids or biomass.  Because there is an endless supply of microorganisms for us to work with in even just a pinch of soil, resistance to treatment will never be an issue. We simply employ a different army of microbes on a cyclical basis.  Our goal, ultimately, is to offer integrated pest management strategies that completely eliminate the need for unnatural pesticides.

  5. Do you deal with insects, too?

    We’re working on it - we’re in the process of securing investment and expanding our R&D team so we can cover fungi, insects and viruses.

  6. What do we get when we sign up?

    We can design programs that cater to your requirements and budget - generally speaking you’ll get a package that provides your treatment strategy plus access to our team.

  7. How many plants can you accommodate?

    Our strategy is fully-scalable and we can accommodate grows and farms of any size.

  8. How much does it cost?

    We have different programs of treatment available, based on what you need. We try hard to keep the work accessible for all growers.

  9. Will you work with private/personal growers?

    We offer our services to any and every legitimate grow environment, and are particularly thrilled when we can help smaller, independent grows and medical patients.

  10. Do you offer your services outside of New Mexico?

    Yes! We currently help cannabis growers in New Mexico and California and we’d love to work with anyone operating a legitimate grow. Get in touch.

  11. Does this work for hemp/other plants?

    Yes! All plants have a microbiome. Let’s chat.

  12. Will you help me figure out how to make my plants produce more THC?

    No. The plant makes enough THC.

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