Our Founder has had a lifelong fascination with microbes. And her first love was sewage.

Siv Watkins has spent an entire career (since 2002) telling anyone who will listen how important environmental microbes are. She's studied them on a shipwreck, in sewage treatment, as potential biocontrol agents for algal blooms, in Lake Michigan, in soil, in human bladders, and as plant allies. She is consistently awed by their capacity to mediate and direct relationships between all tropisms of life.

Siv and Jeff Holland became friends in New Mexico a million years ago. Jeff's training as a therapist specializing in addiction and mental illness led him to become interested and invested in the nascent NM cannabis industry - and many of the problems it was facing. Over dessert one evening, they decided to see if Siv's fascination with, and understanding of, microbes could be used to improve commercial grow conditions for an important medicinal plant. This work, along with Jeff's skills in relationship building and sales, led to the formation of 11BIOMICS.

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