Meet Our Team

Our Team


Allan manages the day-to-day business operations, sales, and strategy.  Previously, Allan founded Runway, Topline, and a Y-Combinator ad-tech startup that was acquired by Rakuten. Allan began his career managing a fund that exited 4 IPOs worth over $1B each.

CEO (Co-Founder)

Allan Young


Siv is founder and head of R&D and Product Development. She is a highly experienced in academic and industry science, and specializes in environmental microbiology and biocontrol.

Chief Scientific Officer (Founder)

Siv Watkins,Ph.D.


Jeff Holland has been part of the medical cannabis provider community for the last 3 years, including as an advocate for legalization and as an angel investor.  He leads the company’s public relations, education, and community development initiatives.

Chief Community Development Officer (Founder)

Jeff Holland, LCSW

Current Investors:

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