11BIOMICS was first conceived from our drive to support the nascent medical marijuana industry in New Mexico, our home. To begin with, we weren’t entirely sure how a microbiologist and a therapist/hustler extraordinaire could help. So, we started talking to the growers, craftspeople and patients who work with the plant, we visited some grows and we spoke to the people in the trenches. It became clear, very quickly, that as grows became commercially productive, pest and disease management was becoming a real problem. The growers we spoke to were frustrated with the amount of time and money they were spending trying to handle disease with ineffective products - and they hated how many chemicals and additives they were having to apply to their plants. The more benign homemade treatments were no longer working against the resistant strains of fungal and insect diseases that farmers were fighting. Based on a 16 year career of studying how microorganisms interact with the world around them, and a deep intuition around coaxing microbes out of their natural environments, our microbiologist thought she could offer much better than chemicals to the plants. In January 2019, we were given an opportunity to demonstrate how - and now, here we are.


Siv Watkins, Ph.D


Siv is an expert environmental microbiologist, with over 16 years of experience in industry and academia. She holds a Ph.D in wastewater treatment microbiology and to date her career has focused on biocontrol and the microbial ecology of engineered and natural environments. She has secured funding from a variety of sources to support her research, including from the NSF, and various government and private funding initiatives in the US and Europe. Siv became interested in cannabis research as a result of the personal and professional outreach she has performed around mental health in STEM, and has been delivering cannabis-related outreach and education for two years.


Jeffrey Holland, LCSW

Co-founder, VP sales

Jeff has been involved in sales/management for the last 7 years, with 2 years specific to the cannabis industry in NM. With 11, he is responsible for connecting people, regulatory compliance, outreach and sales/sales management. He first became interested in cannabis in his capacity as a therapist, specializing in addictions treatment, an area in which he has 20 years of experience.

Allan Young - Co-founder, Business Development

John Sanchez - Co-founder, Compliance