Siv is an environmental microbiologist specializing in examining the activities of microorganisms found in soils, freshwater and wastewater. Since 2003 she has worked in industry, for commercial applications and academic research and faculty positions. Along with Jeff, Siv is co-founder of 11BIOMICS: the dream they designed over dessert one evening. She provides the scientific knowledge for the operation, and her goal is to use her training to support the sustainable and thoughtful growth of medical plants and to support the people who use them. 

Siv is an advocate for mental health in STEM education and beyond, as well as the founder of microanimism.com, which offers exploration of the intersection between science and spirituality. Aside from her work, Siv is a dedicated desert rat in the canyons and plains of New Mexico, where she spends most of her time re-enacting scenes from The Man from Snowy River on horseback. She is currently based in San Francisco and Albuquerque with her two cats.


Jeffrey HOLLand

Jeffrey is the co-founder of 11BIOMICS. He has been involved in the cannabis industry in New Mexico for the last several years, as an investor and as a clinical social worker/therapist specializing in treating addiction and mental illness. Jeff is a homegrown New Mexican and grew up in Albuquerque’s International District, where he has spent the last 20 + serving the recovery community: from volunteering with North Americas 1st syringe exchange program in the mid 90s to his current work in harm reduction, detox, advocacy, case management, affordable housing, and as a therapist.

“My role with 11 follows a similar path. Connecting people with the best and most appropriate resources for their needs, operating with integrity and awareness to serve the greater good, is our goal. We started 11 as a way to generate support and resources for underserved members of our community and we hope to help the agricultural community in the same way. We start with basic needs and build on that.”

Jeff is an avid cyclist and is part of the Tier One MMA/FITNESS family in Albuquerque where he practices kickboxing. He is also the singer in his band, MARSUPIOUS. His dogs, Noki and Lulubelle, choose to love him unconditionally despite his shortcomings. Like Siv, he is a self-proclaimed desert rat and loves his home state of New Mexico.